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Redwood Inspection Service
a division of California Redwood Association

The Redwood Inspection Service is accredited by the Board of Review of the American Lumber Standard Committe, Inc. as the exclusive rules-writing agency for redwood lumber.

Here is how the Redwood Inspection Service operates:

  • Expert RIS supervisors act as grading monitors of the redwood products produced by the redwood mills throughout Northern California.
  • RIS trains graders for individual mill members and from time to time spot checks performance in accordance with ALSC, Inc. regulations.
  • RIS reviews member mill’s kiln drying procedures.
  • RIS may serve as an impartial arbiter in settling questions '' of product quality and quantity."
  • RIS headquarters in Novato communicates with codewriting agencies to establish or maintain building standards pertaining to the usage of redwood in regional and local building codes.

The Standard Specifications for Grades of California Redwood Lumber are in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Voluntary Product Standard PS 20 and have been accredited by the Board of Review of the American Lumber Standard Committee, Inc.

These Standard Specifications apply to California Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and to no other species.


Redwood Inspection Service
818 Grayson Road, Suite 201
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Phone: 925-935-1499
FAX: 925-935-1496

email: info@redwoodinspection.org